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About The Melting Pot - A British Family
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Welcome to my site, which I’ve been working on now since 1988 and still finding new links.

This is the story of an English family.  They worked as farmers or farm labourers, surprisingly 
many as shoemakers, grooms and coachmen, ordinary people who fought in wars because it was expected 
of them and lived their lives and raised their children as earlier and later generations would do.  
My family, at least in the last 500 years or so, have not done anything either famous or infamous- 
either that or they have been very lucky and not got caught!  Some members emigrated to far-flung 
places, and this work has allowed the branches of the family to get back to the trunk.

What I have found is that my Mother’s family have lived on the area of the Surrey and Sussex 
borders since at least the late 1400’s, and probably many centuries before then, with a bit of 
input from other places, mainly Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire, Cornwall and Lowland Scotland.  My 
Father’s family were based in Suffolk, so probably have a certain Viking influence that probably 
can never be defined now.



These can be accessed from the drop down menu under People in the heading, and contain a 
pretty eclectic collection of what I hope are interesting items, especially my great great aunt’s 
diary of a world tour in the early 1880’s and an article on A poor Boy Made Good, about a distant 

I hope you enjoy your visit to my family history.


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